Thanks for coming to visit us at The Funiverse. I’m Ken and this is Rey the Wonder Shusky (she’s a beautiful mix of Shepard and Husky). We’re the creative minds behind the greatest webstore on the planet. Ok, maybe not quite that great, but we’re proud of what we do. I’m often asked what we do and that’s pretty simple. We like to make people have a better day than if they hadn’t found us. A broader smile, a twinkle in the eye, a flat out laugh; it’s all good! That’s what we live for. After all, we are head-quartered in sunny (maybe even roasting) Las Vegas, NV. Nobody knows a good time like us Sin City Slickers. We touch everything we sell. We use what we sell ourselves and that means it has to work for our families and friends as much as it does for you. No body in The Funiverse claims our products will be handed down from one generation to the next; it is meant to last as long as necessary to achieve its intent: make your events better and your occasions more festive and memorable.

Everything we sell is available on Amazon. Our partners at Amazon ensure that you not only receive products that you will love, but the expert and reliable shipping that only Amazon can provide. We are proud members of their Prime network and that gets fun stuff to you faster and at a great price. If you are a Prime member, you should expect your order in 1-2 days and that’s some amazing stuff! And if you don’t like what you receive (impossible!!), they will handle your return quickly and painlessly.

So, time to load up on American flag lapel pins, vampire fangs and Easter eggs! If you are in ever in Las Vegas, give us a call or just come by and say high. Who knows? Rey may even answer the door! Woof!

Questions? Send us a note to info@svtreasures.com


Ken Marshall

Founder and Chief Broom Pusher

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