3-Pack Bulk LED Knit Beanie Stocking Caps/Camping Light/Flashlight - incl batteries - Perfect for skiing, running, hiking, camping, or around the house

These LED beanies are the ultimate hands-free flashlights! With 4 bright LEDs, it provides enough light for finding your way in the dark or completing tasks in poorly lit environments. It points directional light toward what your eyes are looking at. Ideal for joggers, bikers, hikers, and even children on their way to school. Great for hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities! Keep one in your car for winter roadside emergencies. 7 Hours of continuous working time. One size fits most. Acrylic material. contains 4 bright white LEDs. Battery operated (included). For men and women. on/off switch directly on the light! An excellent gift for friends and family this winter season!
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